• Highly recommend Summerville Physical Therapy & Balance to everyone in need of physical therapy! Excellent and highly professional services provided by David and Rhonda each and every visit. Thank you Rhonda for providing my daughter and I with a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere and for getting me in very quickly! Not to mention working around my hectic schedule! I truly appreciate David's professionalism, compassion, and friendly approach for his patients. With David providing one-on-one personalized care for each patient, not only did that help me push through every step of my very painful therapy, but I left each visit motivated, encouraged, and empowered to come back, knowing we are one session closer to localizing the spinal pain that I have lived with most of my life. He listened and was very attentive to all of my needs, concerns, as well as answered all and any questions I had. I was also very impressed with David's highly adept and knowledgeable ability to uniquely gear each part of my therapy based on the current musculoskeletal and physiological form of my scoliatic spine, and not what it should look like. In doing so, he patiently allowed my spine to set the pace as well as the threshold in which it can handle. You guys are my one stop shop for everything physical therapy! Thank you for all that you guys do!

    (GK January 15th, 2020)

  • ``Hands down the best physical therapy I have received in my recovery journey. They are knowledgeable, friendly and caring people. Therapy with David has been a great learning experience and lots of fun!``N.S. (November 2018)

    • Hands-Down the Best!
  • ``They are the best! I’ve been through a lot of PT but David is the only one I can say helped me. No assistants -- you’re not left doing your exercises while your PT goes off to deal with another patient and leaves you wondering when they’ll be back! It’s private, complete, one on one attention with the physical therapist. Not to mention that David has a great bedside manner and Rhonda at the desk is professional but also sweet and friendly. I highly recommend this office if you are in need of physical therapy!``

    • Karen H. (August 2018)
    • Patient
  • I came to Summerville PT for help with back issues that were affecting my quality of life. After just a few visits, I felt like I was going to friends for help rather than going to a physical therapy appointment. When other medical issues would arise, David was knowledgeable and quick to adjust my treatment. He amazes me with the enthusiasm, energy, focus and compassion he shows for every patient. I appreciate the knowledge and tools he has given me so that I can manage and improve my condition. As a patient, I am the beneficiary of David and Rhonda’s goal of excellence and they are making lives better every day! I would not hesitate to send my family and friends there and I already have!

    • Kay P. (October 2017)
    • Patient
  • David was my father's physical therapist at the NIH following a stroke in 2011. He was wonderful to work with. He was always positive with and encouraging to my father who was understandably not in the best of moods. He was supportive but did not coddle him. He was compassionate but not condescending to him. Beyond the compassion he showed my father, he was kind to the whole family. He took the time to explain his actions and empower us with knowledge so we could be a part of my father's recovery. I would wish no one but David for a family or patient recovering from a stroke.

    Adwoa Banful
    • Adwoa Banful
    • Family Member
  • I am suffering from von Hippel Lindau disease and was diagnosed in 1998. I had 13 neurosurgeries in Poland and 6 neurosurgeries in the United States at the NIH. I had got a chance to work with many physical therapists from 1998 up to now because my condition is really tough after surgeries but fortunately improves with rehabilitation. I met David at the NIH. After surgery he came to me and examined me very carefully.
    When we started physical therapy I was not able to roll over and sit on a bed without help. In 3 weeks I could do the activities myself and stand up from my bed with a little David assist in protecting me just in case not to fall down. The neurosurgeons were positively surprised how quickly my condition was improving comparing previous visits at the NIH.
    I was very impressed by the results that David achieved working on me. I felt safe during our training because David always was very focused and could react so quickly! I have never experienced pain exercising with David.
    David cared about me as if I was his brother, it was amazing! Thanks to it I was very motivated and cannot wait to start exercise. The quality of his training was higher than I have ever experienced working with other physical therapists!

    Karol Mroczek
    • Karol Mroczek
    • Patient
  • My name is Ruby Rossi and I met David when I was in rehab. He has since treated me at home as well. David always displays an attitude of patience and empathy and tends to go the extra mile to care for my physical therapy needs.
    He is thorough in explaining the answers to my questions and makes it easy for me to understand. David has even gone out of the way to follow up on my progress long after his job was done. He does a great job and gets results.
    I highly recommend his services to any one with physical therapy needs.

    Ruby Rossi
    • Ruby Rossi
    • Patient
  • In 2012 I entered NIH for total gastrectomy due to disposition of cancer from a defective gene. After many and serious complications I ended up being a person who found it really difficult to walk or even stand because of the complications that destroyed my muscles. I was not used to being like that because I was an active and a strong person and thus this situation made it very difficult for me. For my treatment I had to start sessions with a physiotherapist, my friend David Brungo!
    Every day for approximately two months, I had David by my side. He showed me various exercises and I had a great time with him precisely because he gave me courage and made me laugh even though I had a really hard time. But in the end we made it. I was miserable and unable to move but I managed to stand on my feet and become strong again (like the wild boar that David used to call me).
    He is a great professional, a humanist, a friend and a person who inspires trust due to his extended knowledge he has. Thousand kilometers separate us but I would love to see him again and why not having him by my side as my physiotherapist again!

    Alexis Alexi
    • Alexis Alexi
    • Patient
  • Had a great time with David and Rhonda at PT. Helped me a lot after my hip replacement. I would recommend them to anyone needing therapy!

    • M. Sweat ( June 2017)
    • Patient
  • I went to Summerville PT and Balance for chronic migraines. As soon as I walked in the door, I was met by a friendly face in an extremely clean facility. Throughout my time with David and Rhonda, I felt completely at ease, and even enjoyed doing my physical therapy because they were so much fun to work with. My migraines are now under control and I've learned how to keep it that way. Thanks David and Rhonda for improving the quality of my life!”

    • K. Thompson (June 2017)
    • Patient
  • We were looking for a place close to home for my Dad's physical therapy. I'm so happy we found Summerville Physical Therapy. David and Rhonda are a husband and wife team. Very courteous and professional. My Dad is 88 years old and David has worked wonders with him. I highly recommend them!

    • F. W. Luttrell (March 2017)
    • Patient
  • I can't say enough good things about Summerville Physical Therapy and Balance! I had both knees replaced in 2018. I spent about six months combined in physical therapy last year,, and I could not have been more pleased with the results!The Physical Therapist, David, and his wife/office manager, Rhonda, were a blessing! The therapy is one-on-one and designed for each Individual patient. He was very encouraging but wasn't pushy. He always made sure I was working up to my ability but stressed not over doing it. David knows how to get the most out of each session. I've been to other physical therapist in the past but never felt as at ease or as well cared for. Besides being an excellent physical therapist, he also has an excellent sense of humor. I truly enjoyed my sessions. If I, or any member of my family, need a physical therapist in the future, I will definitely return to Summerville Physical Therapy & Balance!

    • Valerie A. (February 2019)
    • Patient
  • 5 STARS! I highly recommend Summerville Physical Therapy & Balance Rehabilitation for Adults. David Brungo and his wife, Rhonda, are wonderful to work with on every level of physical therapy treatments -- from insurance, to scheduling to the actual PT services. David is a supremely knowledgeable physical therapist, a motivator, a cheerleader and very supportive. He provides you with a totally 1 on 1 experience, as he explains the why and how. He always takes the time to answer questions, and I asked way too many! His expertise, motivation and encouragement have enabled me to get back to usual activities after a fractured femur. He is the best!

    • Mary R. (May 2019)
    • Patient
  • 5 STARS!!! I recently completed my physical therapy and couldn't be happier about the sessions I attended and the final result. I had knee replacement surgery and following my physical therapy, I walked out on my last day of therapy feeling as though I had a new left leg. I was amazed at the progress made during each session. I felt that David outlined an individual plan for me based on my particular needs and we stuck to it, improving session by session. Additionally, I believe this business is run as a successful business should be run. Totally clean and neat at all times! I am so grateful for the care I received and David and Rhonda make everyone feel special!!!

    • Shari G. (May 2019)
    • Patient
  • 5 STARS!!! Before using Summerville Physical Therapy I used another place that really did nothing for me. Fortunately, I found David and now walking is a pleasure. He not only is incredibly gifted as a physical therapist, but has so much patience - exactly the combination you want!

    • Ronee D. (April 2019)
    • Patient
  • I came to Summerville Physical Therapy & Balance with little hope for my condition. I saw immediately that this place, these people, are different. They listened to me and left the God Complex at the door. After the first few visits it became obvious that I needed more than “just therapy” David got in touch with a brace company who came to evaluate my situation. Not wanting to run my bill up or use all of my visits, therapy was postponed until the brace company got me set up. I’m so impressed that the focus wasn’t on milking the insurance money but on my well being! Do yourself a favor, give em a try....

    • Chase M. (May 2019)
    • Patient
  • You have and will always be the best PT that we know. I hope it doesn't take too long for people in Summerville to realize how good you are. You are the reason Dean has constantly improved and kept a positive attitude through all of this. We may have to make the trip to see you in our near future. Take care and keep in touch.

    • The Smoaks (January 2017)
    • Patient
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